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                Human Beings review by Jennifer Tress


Channel K’s newest offering, Human Beings is reminiscent of Metric. Haydee's lofty, purposeful voice integrates beautifully with Ken Sarmiento’s impressive guitar and production work to create catchy, alt pop anthems. And like Metric, the music speaks more broadly to the human experience, reaching beyond the genre’s “go to’s” of intoxication with love or being in the club.


“Check Your Head” reminds us that we all live inside our own mind from time to time, and sometimes we need a nudge to pull out and let go. The chorus – do check your head / at the door / though you are welcome to stay / come away, come away with me – is an earworm you’ll be happy got stuck.


“These Thoughts” is a coming of age tale that recalls the moments when we first begin to fathom who we are as individuals, and deciding whether or not we want to own it. It feels like I have waken up from a dream and I cannot find myself / It feels like these thoughts are not mine and I can’t return from what I have become / so why don’t you turn back and give yourself right back to me / why don’t you turn back and take these thoughts so I can breathe.


“Human Beings” are curious creatures, maintaining that our values and beliefs are in fact, gospel, made more prevalent through the use of social media: You with your attitude / you’re so f***ing rude / but that’s your choice and that’s the way that you want to be / what may be right for you / may not be for me / so for now, let’s just agree that we can disagree. Wouldn’t that be nice?


Thought provoking and sweeping, Human Beings commands you not to check your head at the door. Get your free download here and come away, come away with Channel K. 

Jennifer Tress is the writer for the book, You're Not Pretty Enough.  It's made the bestseller lists, and earned national press attention.

May, 2013

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